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1. How long does permanent makeup last?

    -3-5 years depending upon lifestyle including, diet, medications and sun exposure

2. Is permanent makeup painful?

     -Most clients experience little to no pain. Some clients even take the time to take a nap


3. How long does it take for permanent makeup to heal, after initial procedure?

     -7-10 days


4. Can I wear makeup after the procedure?

    -It is advised to wait to apply any makeup directly to the procedural area until 7-10 days from initial appointment


5. Can I workout?

     -Healing takes anywhere from 7-10 days. It is advised to wait this duration before continuing strenuous activities.

       light workouts are OK.


6. Am I able to shower after receiving permanent makeup?

    -Showering is ok. No soaking or steaming is advised. Preventing the water to directly hit your brows is not advised           during the 7-10 days healing period. Additionally, please keep out of rivers, streams, lakes, pools and oceans during        this period of time.


7. Who is a good candidate?

    -All ages from 18 and up are great candidates. Those who have severe skin conditions or have been on Accutane for       the past year must consult a physician prior to receiving permanent makeup procedures.


8. What is permanent makeup?

     -Is the micro-implantation of coloring pigments into the superficial layers of skin to enhance features of the eyes,               brows and lips. Those with a Masters are able to perform all procedures including scar/burn/vitiligo camouflage,             Areolas and Cheek blushing


9. Is permanent makeup similar to tattooing?

    -Permanent make up has some of the same qualities in which the procedures need to be performed in safe and                sterile environments. Although it is different in that micro-pigmentations specialists are able to perform procedures        on the face superficially. Techniques, machines and needle groupings are different, as well as pigments used.


10. What are the coloring agents used in permanent makeup?

       -In the permanent makeup industry there are different types of pigments used. Such as inorganic, organic and                   hybrids. Properties within the pigments allow for gradual fading to a lighter shade during a period of time. Hence,           permanent makeup can be also known as semi-permanent.


11. How long does the procedure take?

       -The procedure can take anywhere from 2-3 hours. This time includes consult, pre-draw/mapping, numbing, and              procedure.


12. Are there any side effects?

      -Some side effects may include; redness and swelling. This will dissipate 1-4 hours after the procedure.



13. When do I come in for a touch up?

      -The procedure price includes the first touchup or also known as the perfecting session. This session is included               and needs to be scheduled 4-6 weeks from initial appointment. Fading is normal and will reduce from 40-60%                   depending on how a client follows the before and after care procedures.

14. Is aftercare included?

     -Yes, I will provide aftercare upon the completion of the procedure and will go over all the aftercare information. You        may also find additional information on my website.


15. Can I get Botox, injectables or chemical/laser peels?

      -Yes, I would recommend waiting a month before continuing or initiating this service.





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