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Lip Blushing

Achieve the perfect pout with lip blushing. Using a technique that uses natural/hybrid pigments to create a more defined and even lip color. Lip Blushing lasts from 1-5 years. Cost includes a perfection session, scheduled 4-8 weeks from initial appointment. This is a game-changing solution for anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty or even out lip tones.

Powder/Ombre' Brows

My most popular permanent makeup service! This is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their appearance while maintaining a natural look. Brows can lasts 2-5 years based on your lifestyle and skincare routine. Wake up everyday looking your best and without having to worry about smudging or reapplying. Includes a perfection session in the cost of the service, scheduled 4-6 weeks from the initial appointment to ensure that you achieve your desired look.

Beauty Marks

Looking for a way to enhance your natural beauty? Beauty Marks might be just what you need. Specializing in creating distinct, natural-looking marks that perfectly complement your features. Using hybrid pigments that match your skin tone can create a look that lasts for 1-2 years and heals quickly, leaving you with a flawless finish.

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