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PMU Pre/Post Care Instructions


2 Weeks Prior (Can Be Resumed After 2 Weeks From Final Session)

  • Stop Use Of Botox, Latisse/Hair Growth Products, Lash Extensions, And Any Lash/Brow Or Perming Procedures.

  • No Facials, Laser Treatments Or Chemical Peels, Facial Waxing, Dermaplaning Or Spray Tans.

  • Avoid Any Direct Sunlight Or Use Of Tanning Beds To Prevent Sunburns, As This Will Result In A Means To Reschedule.

2 Days Prior Refrain From Using: (Can Be Resumed 5 Days After Procedure)

  • Blood-Thinning Products (Ex: Products Containing Aspirin, Alcohol, Caffeine, Vitamin A, Vitamin E And Fish Oil. Tylenol Is OK.)

  • Waxing And Tweezing

  • Lip Procedures: If There Is A History Of Cold Sores/Fever Blisters/Herpes YOU MUST Obtain An Antiviral Prescription Medication To Help Prevent Any Potential Outbreak.

  • Lips: For Chapped/Dry Lips Start To Exfoliate Lips And Keep Moisturized. Drink Plenty Of Water!

Day Of The Appointment

  • Eyeliner: Please Remove Contacts/Lash Extensions. Contacts May Not Be Worn Within The First 2 Days After Receiving An Eyeliner Procedure. Bring Classes, If Needed.

  • Brows: You May Arrive With How You Normally Do Your Eyebrows, As This Is Very Helpful In Showing Me How You Like Them. Pictures Are OK As Well.

  • Lips: Remember To Exfoliate And Keep The Lips Moisturized – Drink Plenty Of Water!



-Lymph Fluid May Appear Within The First Day, GENTLY Dab The Area Using Clean Hands And A Cotton Round.

-After 24 Hours, With A Damp Cotton Round, Gently Dab The Area. You May Notice Pigment, This Is Normal!

-For Swelling You May Apply An Icepack With A Sterile Barrier. Ibuprofen Can Help As Well!

-After 48 Hours, You May Wash The Procedural Area With A Gentle Unscented Soap. DO NOT Scrub Or Rub. Use Your Finger Tips And Gently Wash The Area, Then Dab With A Clean Cotton Round. THEN You May Apply A Rice Size Portion Of Ointment To The Area And If Itching Occurs.

-You Can Apply A Small Amount Ointment For Any Itching/Flaking/Scabbing, After The Initial Wash.

-DO NOT TOUCH, PICK OR SCRATCH At Any Scabbing Or Flaking.

-Remember, Pigment Loss Is Up To 50%. 

-Avoid Sweating / Heavy Exercising For 7 Days

-Do Not Get Your Procedural Area Wet For At Least 5-7 Days. Do Not Let The Water Hit The Procedural Area Directly.

-Avoid Direct Sunlight Or UV Exposure For At Least 4 Weeks From Appointment/Perfecting Session. Remember To Use Sunscreen After The Waiting Period!

-No Saunas, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Pools, Beaches Etc For Up To 2 Weeks From The Procedure.

-Do Not Fill In The Areas With Makeup During The Healing Process.

-Do Not Schedule Any Facials, Botox, Chemical Treatments, Lip Fillers Etc.. For A Least A Month From The Procedure.

-CONSULT A Physician If There Is ANY Sign Of Infection.

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